Thursday, 3 July 2008

Devon Days

Day 1

The weather forecast was looking a little iffy but If I know anything, it’s that you can’t trust the forecast in England. We bit the bullet, forked out for a tank full of fuel and headed down south to the Shire. After a really quick journey myself and David Simmonite arrived at The Mill climbing wall to say hi to friends and grab a bite to eat. Earlier that day, the guys at the mill had experienced the most torrential rain they had ever seen, so heavy in fact that it had flooded the shop! Things weren’t looking great, but there is no point in letting things get you down, you just have to hope for the best and make the most of what you have.

Blue skies appeared as we drove westwards forcing smiles onto our faces but these quicky faded as the sky turned to black and the heavens opened. We parked up and listened to the rain fall on the car. After calling the HotAches crew, who had also driven down today, we decided to wait for them to arrive and then chance a visit to the cliff if the rain stopped.

HotAches arrived and the rain seemed to stop. We headed to the wall trying to avoid the stream that was where the track used to be. It was useless and after a short while I accepted that my feet were going to get wet and just got on with it. The rain came again as we arrived at the route, big fat droplets that soaked you to the skin but everyone’s spirits were lifted on seeing the wall in all its glory. Dave from HotAces seemed particularly impressed and excited by the wall. After showing the others where the line went, and planning out shooting locations we soggily walked back to the car, making plans for tomorrow, hoping for a dryer day.

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Emily said...

good luck tommorrow james... i will send some fair weather fairies over from sunny pilsen. it will be drz as a bone in no time.... xx