Sunday, 7 December 2008

Pete, Ben, and John...  Amazing effort today.  Would love to have been there but am suffering from a particulary harsh dose of American Man Flu (not too dissimilar to African Bum Disease).  Make the most of these good conditions and get on The Groove.

And big up to Belay Ben, he has gone through a lot belaying you over the years!  Thinking about it, I probably didnt do him any favours on Equilibrium either, but at least he got to get you back with the Triathlon scene ;)

An era many moons ago... How very true...  Regardless of all the bullshit, some fun times were had.

Sorry to any other readers if this post seems exclusive and personal.  Maybe it would have been better to post elsewhere, oh well.  Wheres the fun in conforming all the time ;)