Monday, 29 September 2008

I’m back again in glorious Devon, for the 4th time to try and climb my project. The whole process began so innocently all those years ago but over time has grown into a real monster. During my initial forays onto the route, I could never have guessed just how much of my time would be taken up by, and how big a part of my life this route would become. It has been at the front of my mind for the last few months, ever since I decided (possibly prematurely) that I was ready to lead it and all my plans, my whole life in fact, have been structured to fit around these trips down south.

If I had to choose one feeling that summed up these trips it would be frustration. But there have been little rays of sunshine that make it all bearable and ultimately, these experiences make me a better person. The most important thing I have learnt is how to accept situations for what they are and to be patient. Sometimes, no matter how much you want something, external forces out of your control just will not let it happen and it would be foolish to try to take them on.

Now to anyone reading this, that may sound like a very submissive outlook and to a point I would agree. But when your life is literally on the line, surely the smart money is on waiting until the cards are in your favour, or at least until you are playing on an even field. Whilst there is a certain allure being a hero, fighting against the odds and going out in a blaze of glory, my instincts for self-preservation is strong and I would rather live to fight another day.

Today is day number 4. Day 1 was spent stuck in traffic; Day 2 was cool but very humid making even the individual moves feel impossible. Day 3 was warmer but dryer and the idea of the lead sparked in my head until I heard a weather report for day 4 and decided to cut my losses and save my skin.

After a decent feed to re-fuel my tired body, day 4 dawned clear, cool and crisp. Is this what I have been waiting for?

Time will tell...


Emily said...

so? what happened?

slack---line said...

Good effort James, that looks and sounds v. scary!

Can't wait to read your write-up.

lore said...

time has told.

Iain said...

well done.

Lee said...

Big congrats, but why did we have to read about the story elsewhere first? Boohoo!

Caedmon Mullin said...

Well done James!

Funnily enough I was trying that last spring, without much luck! Scary enough shunting it on a 50m dynamic!

Anyway, nice one!


James Pearson said...

Thanks for all the kind words guys. I would have loved for you to read about it here but I spent most of yesterday behind the wheel coming back up north.
I did try, but typing out an informative and whitty report, whilst navigating the hazards of the M5/6 at rush hour took a little too much of my concentration.

Be patient... It is on its way ;)

steveio10 said...

Awesome achievment James, I've been looking at this wall since i started climbing and wondered if anyone would try a line straight up the middle of it. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Well done witht he route, ignore all the armchair idiots on UKC!

Huffy said...

Awesome effort James, you're obviously feeling the flow!