Friday, 10 October 2008

Hello again,

There wont be any posts for a while as I will be locked away at work until the 17th, but I just thought I would highlight a tiny edit I made to my last post. I made a joke about Rockfax, which was honestly made with the best of intentions to brighten up peoples days and at the time it felt funny. On reflection and re reading of my post, I realise it was pretty rubbish and brought nothing positive to the table so I have removed it, never to be spoken of again :)

Sorry Rockfax, I hope we can still be friends.

Adios mi amigos


Tim said...

I have to admit I thought it was quite funny, I hope that didn't make me a bad person. I think it's truely a shame that today society has reached a place were you can't make light of someone in a way so obvious that there was no offence ment without having to worry about it. Sorry I spoke of it again. Very entertaining blog.

pascal said...

I think it's particularly pathetic that you can't even write something in jest without offending someone. James, you can make jokes about me all day, every day, as long as they are funny, and I promise never to be offended, only amused!

Paul Bennett said...

God blogs are taken far too seriously these days! Missed the joke but good reading nonetheless.

jeff. said...

hello joms, well done, from jeff.