Monday, 3 May 2010

Greetings :)

For the last month I have been doing a little globe-trotting. Many amazing experiences with countries/places/people have been enjoyed, but one experience that left a little to be desired was the internet access!

First up was Tasmania, which turned out to be one of, if not the actually the very worst country I have ever visited for everything and anything connected with the interweb. It was slow, super expensive and twice as unreliable – the cause of much hair pulling and the occasional swear word.

I hoped that on returning to the mainland, things would improve substantially. One would imagine the surfing situation in Australia to be pretty sweet, but unfortunately, one would be wrong – it sucked almost as much as tassie!

Which brings me on to Turkey – The Tease! Turkey promised so much, and almost delivered, but ultimately the frustration continued. We were staying in a beautiful, luxury, wooden house, in a pristine location in the mountains above Antalya and on top of all that there was fast wireless internet – had I died and gone to heaven!

For the first 3 days of my stay, I enjoyed my connection with the world, but as a storm rolled in, the power went down and the internet failed to return. Coming and going would be too kind a way to describe the signal; for sporadic 30 min periods once or twice a day the wonderful world of wireless would return, restoring hope in humanity, but inevitably leave us crippled and cursing faster than it came.

Then all was well again and we gleefully stumbled around the virtual world, naively thinking the problem had been fixed until a few days later we were left alone again. This pattern continued for the duration of our stay despite the best efforts from numerous geeks and currently lays unresolved! My current favourite theory involves the local homeless hounds and a partly chewed up cable – not because it is any more probable than 10’s of other likely scenarios, but because it makes me smile a little during this lonely and isolated time ;)

My time away has almost come to an end and soon I will get to sleep in my own bed (albeit only for 2 nights before jetting off again). This means fast and stable interweb, and a chance to upload the first part of my expedition diary. I’m sure you can find it in your hearts to forgive me this delayed release, but if not, just blame it on the hounds...

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neadamthal said...

i've never met anyone that goes to countries just to sample their internet. did you do anything besides setting up your laptop in these countries? i thought there was good climbing to be had but maybe not.