Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My alarm woke me at 3am, I remembered the decision that needed to be made, and allowed myself to fall back to sleep as it just felt so good :) There will be plenty of other opportunities to party in the future, sometimes you just have to listen to what your body is telling you!

We woke at around 10am the next morning – having slept for almost a whole day :) and felt pretty good for it. Lana took us to view the “east side gallery” which is the longest remaining intact section of the wall, covered in paintings by national and international artists. The paintings were all recently restored (original artists invited back in 2009) and so the wall is very beautiful to look at

We said our goodbyes and thankyous to Lena and returned to Fabians where we would spend our last night. After packing my bags, I was ready to go and began to make plans for leaving for the airport in the morning. To my surprise, my 9am flight turned out actually to be at 9pm, which opened up a whole lot of new options...

I wanted to be really tired for my big flight so dancing all night and staying awake all day seemed like a perfect idea, the only trouble was it was Sunday, and where in the world has clubs open all night on a Sunday? Berlin of course ;)

Sara had a 7am flight followed by a day of work so made the smart decision to go to sleep. I left the house at around midnight in the pouring rain and headed to the Goldengate which i was very happy to find was still going strong – full of psyched people and good music. I stayed until around 4.45am when I left to meet Sara and walk with her to the metro Station to say goodby, then I went back to the club for round two until about 8.30 when I left to take the keys back to Fabian so he could go to University.

36 hours later I would be sat in Tasmania, about ready to get into a real bed for the first time in way too many days. Adventure and excitement are on their way... the story is just begining

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