Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mallorca Sport - Another 8b onsight for Caroline

The psicobloc on the island is good, no scratch that, it is great – in my opinion the best in the world! However, if you feel like a break from the water, then Mallorca has world class bolt clipping that you need to check out.

For the last couple of days we have visited a few of the premiere sport cliffs on the island, including Les Pertxas, Gorg Blau and Fraguels. The limestone is very very good – bright orange walls and caves covered in flowstone and tufa’s, and most of the routes we climbed have been exceptional quality.

Caroline on the top of Commando Madrid, just before the final boulder © Mick Lovatt

As time was short, we have both been onsight/flashing routes rather than working projects, which has allowed us to tick a whole load of super classic routes in all different styles. The highlight ascent of the trip was Caroline’s onsight of Commando Madrid – the most famous 8b on the island. She fought hard, dug deep and stuck it out to the chains, with just a tiny scream or two to help her on her way. Voici quelques photos...

The Commando Madrid Cave at Les Pertxas © Mick Lovatt


Matthew said...

PPPPFFFTTTT. I did that route in my tennis shoes just last week. It was sooooooo easy.

James Pearson said...

Didn't your mother ever tell you about sarcasm... Shorty got low, low, low, low